MowatLabs Dedicated to Fraser Slorach and Alex Mowat

© ArtCare 2016

Thanks to the generous philanthropic support of our various benefactors, we have raised over £1.25 million to create a state-of-the-art paediatric research facility at King’s. Housed within the current Institute of Liver Studies, the Alex Mowat Paediatric Research Laboratories, or MowatLabs, brings together a critical mass of clinicians, researchers, nurses, intensivists, surgeons and transplant specialists, in a collaborative research environment, strengthening the quality and output of research predominately for children’s liver disease, but also for research into children’s respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, and sickle cell disease.

The laboratories provide the best possible working environment to coordinate and advance research into childhood diseases. The close proximity of the laboratories to the wards and clinics within the hospital helps maximise the rich source of condition-led information and patient material coming from the hospital. The MowatLabs also incorporate the Fraser Slorach International Learning and Innovation Hub, a dedicated space to be used for teaching and education, attracting the brightest students and academics of the future to come to work at King’s.

The MowatLabs Key Facts

Opened September 2016
New floor space 445sq.m (4,790sq.ft)
Wet labs 307sq.m (3,305sq.ft)
The Fraser Slorach Learning and Innovation Hub 138sq.m (1,485sq.ft)