How you can help

How You Can Help 

Building MowatLabs will cost £1.7 million. We are delighted to have already secured £1,125,000 from philanthropic support. There are numerous ways you can help:

  1. Does your organisation make charitable donations? If so, please provide a contact to whom we can send a proposal.
  2. You can donate! Please give either via the MowatLabs’  VirginMoney page. For larger donations and non-UK taxpayers, please contact Laura Shepherd , Senior Major Gift Manager at King’s College Trust.

We would be delighted to recognise significant support within the new facility and would present naming recognition for any of the below areas.

The Fraser Slorach Learning and Innovation Hub – £550,000 (fulfilled)

We need to bring together our research leaders in one space to encourage teaching, dissemination and learning within King’s and to have room to accommodate visiting professors, specialists and PhD students. The Learning and Innovation Hub will provide seminar and office space to bring together a critical mass of child health research specialists. The hub will facilitate teaching, learning and the dissemination of research findings into clinical practice. The Hub honours Alex Mowat’s nephew, Fraser Slorach.

The Bench Work Station – £450,000

This state-of-the-art laboratory will be open-plan and outfitted with the latest technology and research equipment. Scientists will work alongside each other on studies to improve understanding about disease origin, disease prevention, management and cure. Basic research performed here will be directly translated into clinical practise on the wards only moments away from the MowatLabs.

The Tissue Culture Lab – £250,000

Tissue culture is vital for most medical research. This lab will include an airflow controlled tissue culture facility to provide a sterile environment which is vital to allow researchers to isolate cells to be used in studies.

We also have a number of areas and pieces of equipment for which we are seeking support:

£100,000 could sponsor a PhD student over four years

£100,000 could sponsor a state-of-the-art microscope to equip the new microscope lab

£50,000 could help buy the latest cell sorter technology to provide quick and accurate analysis of patient data

£50,000 could help buy a specialist -80 degree liquid nitrogen freezer to store cells and tissue samples

£25,000 could help us maintain our world-leading paediatric bio bank facility for a year

£25,000 could sponsor a liver cell encapsulator to prepare live cells for injection into a patient’s abdomen

£20,000 could sponsor bench space for one of our researchers for a year

£10,000 could help us invest in a new live cell culture cabinet to equip the new tissue culture lab

£5,000 could help sponsor an international seminar to share knowledge and expertise with specialists from across the world

We are delighted to have already secured £1,125,000 in philanthropic support towards the total cost of the MowatLabs. To enable us to move ahead with the construction of the laboratories we continue to seek significant gifts towards our target.

With your help we will be a step closer to fully establishing the first dedicated child health research laboratories at King’s and helping to shape the future of paediatric research to benefit children for generations to come.

Please contact Laura Shepherd to find out more about how you can help us create this much-needed research facility at King’s College Hospital.